Configuration for dnsHome.de.

  • Code: dnshomede
  • Since: v4.10.0

Here is an example bash command using the dnsHome.de provider:

DNSHOMEDE_CREDENTIALS=sub.example.org:password \
lego --email you@example.com --dns dnshomede --domains example.org --domains '*.example.org' run

DNSHOMEDE_CREDENTIALS=my.example.org:password1,demo.example.org:password2 \
lego --email you@example.com --dns dnshomede --domains my.example.org --domains demo.example.org


Environment Variable Name Description
DNSHOMEDE_CREDENTIALS Comma-separated list of domain:password credential pairs

The environment variable names can be suffixed by _FILE to reference a file instead of a value. More information here.