Hurricane Electric DNS

Configuration for Hurricane Electric DNS.

  • Code: hurricane
  • Since: v4.3.0

Here is an example bash command using the Hurricane Electric DNS provider: \
lego --email --dns hurricane --domains --domains '*' run, \
lego --email --dns hurricane --domains --domains


Environment Variable Name Description
HURRICANE_TOKENS TXT record names and tokens

The environment variable names can be suffixed by _FILE to reference a file instead of a value. More information here.

Before using lego to request a certificate for a given domain or wildcard (such as or *, create a TXT record named, and enable dynamic updates on it. Generate a token for each URL with Hurricane Electric’s UI, and copy it down. Stick to alphanumeric tokens for greatest reliability.

To authenticate with the Hurricane Electric API, add each record name/token pair you want to update to the HURRICANE_TOKENS environment variable, as shown in the examples. Record names (without the _acme-challenge. component) and their tokens are separated with colons, while the credential pairs are concatenated into a comma-separated list, like so:,

If you are issuing both a wildcard certificate and a standard certificate for a given subdomain, you should not have repeat entries for that name, as both will use the same credential.

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